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Group Lessons
Enjoy individualized attention in a group setting. There are no more than five riders per lesson. Learn discipline and etiquette when riding with others in the arena.

Lesson length:   60 minutes
Price:                 Boarders $ 40 per lesson
                          Non-Boarders $ 45 per lesson
* Discounts available for packages of 5 or 10 lessons.
Foxwoode offers a range of lessons including individual and group lessons for all experience levels, from beginners to riders fine tuning their skills ready for competition. 

We offer both mounted and unmounted programs for all ages to participate in. 

Lessons can be tailored to the riders specific goals and schedule.
Semi-Private Lessons
Enjoy specific instruction and times that cater to your schedule. Perfect for siblings, friends or couples who would like to ride together.

​Lesson length:   60 minutes
Price:                 Boarders $ 45 per lesson
                          Non-Boarders $ 50 per lesson
* Discounts available for packages of 5 or 10 lessons.
Private Lessons
These lessons are great for getting a young rider started in a safe and individualized environment. Private lessons can offer specific exercises designed for your riding level and personal goals. 

Lesson length:    30-45 minutes
Price:                  Boarders $ 50 per lesson
                           Non-Boarders $ 55 per lesson
* Discounts available for packages of 5 or 10 lessons.
Customizing lesson programs for each individual rider is our speciality
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